Sunday, April 29, 2007

this is matt, i dont think anyone reads this, but there is a gallery opening this friday at the chase gallery. the artist is Joseph Piccillo, hes a really interesting mixed media artist.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Portfolio PHASE III: Artist statement DUE today

Independent Studio Project

Objective: The independent project builds on project development and creative analysis from the last two assignments to generate a unique topic for each student. It may be an expansion of current work or a new idea.

Project: Medium , Method, Materials determined by you.

-DUE M April 23: Draft Artist Statement (2 pages) Post on Blog
-Project Work

April 26
Class: -WORK IN PROGRESS viewed with process sketches etc.
*** This critique is just as important as the final critique.**

-Revision to Artist Statement
-Studio Work

May 3
Final Projects Due (supporting work)
Artist Statement (1 page, minimum 1 Paragrapgh)

Blog will be checked as part of your final grade.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Class this week.

This week:
-Post Progress this week on your Blog with photos. (1-3)
-No Class this week due to Faculty/Staff day

Next week:
-Final Critique for this phase of your projects.
-New Project Introduced

I am around this week for individual meetings.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Open Studio Class Canceled

Class is canceled for this week.
Open studio to work on projects.

Please consult eachother for feedback on current work.
Talk to at least one person and exchange ideas. Nothing written is required.

Final Crit. for this project will be TH April 5.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Hi, Ashley here- if anyone is going to their studio space in 203(?) over spring break can you PLEASE FEED WINSTON. I completly forgot about him being left alone for near 2 weeks. His food is next to his tank- 2 pinches of flakes would be sufficent. Do not make a special trip but if your there anyway I'd be grateful. If you are going there you can email me at to let know or just sprinkle him some food and I'll see you all after break. Thanks, Ashley.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Artist Talk/Exhibit

Brant Gallery Schedule

Exhibit February 19-March 2
Power of Image- MassArt Student Poster exhibit created in conjunction with a Race Relations Conference at Northeastern. Conference Mission: "Promote institution-wide dialogue and learning on race, diversity and cultural sensitivity"

Spike Lee's -"When the Levees Broke" about the devastation on New Orleans, will be playing in the Gallery for the duration of the exhibit.

Artist In Residence March 12-15
Master Sand Mandala Artist, the venerable Lama Tenzin Yigyen will construct a mandala sand painting, a powerful tool for Tibetan Buddhist meditation, from millions of grains of colorful sand. It is then dismantled as a teaching on the development of Great Compassion and the Nature of Impermanence.

Tenzin Yignyen and Geshe Kunkhen will be our honored guests constructing the Sand Mandala for 4 days. Students are allowed to take photographs and video during the construction. We will announce a time and date for a talk during their visit.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


“Curiosity is what makes me question, know, act, ask again, recognize.”
-Paulo Freire

Objective: The Purpose of this project is to choose an issue that touches on either one or more topics: Global, Political, Social, and Cultural. Respond to this topic in your own personal creative approach.

Method for Investigation:

1.Questions: 10 Questions about the topic
2.Research: Where did you find some answers?
(List Sources books, periodicals, internet sources)
3.Problem Solving: How do I Respond to my Topic?
Materials, Methods, Approaches

Each week you should “MAKE” something related to your topic. Draw, Photograph, Watch, Write, use Materials you are unfamiliar with, Question. Draw, Photograph, Watch. Write, use materials you are unfamiliar with, watch write, draw, photograph, use materials you know differently, write and draw, play with the topic, question the outcome, open your thinking, why are you questioning……write, draw, photograph, use materials, observe watch, question……

Weekly Requirements:
Writing: Notebook 2 pages a day

Post response to work, research, questions, progress 1x week (minimum)
Post images relating to progress (photos, drawings, research) 1x week (mimimum)


March 1 Open Seminar to Introduce Topic/Open Studio/MAKE
March 8 Spring Break RESEARCH/MAKE
March 15 Open Studio/Field Trip RESEARCH/MAKE
March 22 Process Critique RESEARCH/MAKE
March 29 Final Critique

**Email me if you have questions about your specific projects related to this next phase.**

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Post Research

Please Post Artist Research on Blog For TH class

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Attend Talk OR See Exhibit for Class

Rescheduled for Wed. Feb. 21 1-2pm
Brant Gallery 3rd Floor South
Artist/Curator Talk

Walter Crump-Curator of Made in Poland: Contemporary Pinhole Photography

Boston, MA. ---The Brant Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art is pleased to present Walter Crump, curator of Made in Poland: Contemporary Pinhole Photography. He will speak inconjunction with the Camera Obscuras that are exhibited currently in the Gallery. As photography becomes ever more high tech and digital, photographers around the globe are turning to the pinhole camera - a lensless, deceptively simple yet surprisingly versatile alternative to mainstream technology. He will show work from the artists in this exhibition from Poland, the site of much exciting contemporary pinhole photography. Their pinhole images range in mood from whimsical, witty, poetic, and mysterious to slyly subversive.

Image shown: Danuta Gibka, photographer of top image on left column, pinhole photograph.

Brant Gallery
South Building 3rd Floor Studio Foundation
Contact: Lyssa Paluay, 617.879.7782

Exhibit at AIB:
700 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02215
Open Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday 12:00 - 5:00 pm
For more information, call 617.585.6676

Friday, January 26, 2007


TH Feb 1 Open Studio-Work in Progress (Bring work to do in class)
TH Feb 8 Work in Progress Critique
TH Feb 15 Critique of Project

-Writing in Notebook 2 pages a day
-Post response to work, research, questions, progress 1x week (minimum)
-Post images relating to progress (photos, drawings, research) 1x week (mimimum)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Discover ICA

AE 406-02, SF 184-15
Art Education Portfolio


The objective of this exercise is to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art and respond to the work. The exhibits/artists in the museum will be the basis of your studio/portfolio response. The methods used will be through research, photographs and drawings.


What attracts you visually? What conceptual themes or ideas do you want to research? What do you like/dislike about the artist or exhibit? What is alien/familiar? What objects/images haunt you?

Write down label information about the artist and the work.



a. Draw - 20 drawings
b. Photograph –20 +photos
Print out (black and white-ok)- 5 photographs

-Research idea, concept, image etc.
-Provide research from on-line sources AND at least 1 1magazine or periodical and one book.
-Write down source information.

c. Post 1-2 paragraph written response on your blog.

Portfolio Proposal

Due Next Week: TH Jan. 25

Proposal for Studio Response Presented-Bring drawings and photos.

Materials needed:

Digital Camera
Composition notebook
Pencils, charcoal or other materials


Portfolio I AE 406-02, SF 184-15 Lyssa Palu-ay
Massachusetts College of Art
3 Credits-Spring 2007 617.879.7782 Office hours: Wed. 11-12:30
Office: South 3rd floor Studio Foundation

Course Description:
The series of Portfolio courses requires students to place their college–wide learning in studio and critical studies in the context of art education. Three major projects required in this class will steadily build towards fulfilling the Artist/Teacher Portfolio requirements established by the Art Education Department.
> Fulfills Professional Standards: (b)1c & d (b) 2b; (e)* 2, 3, 4, 6.

To choose, construct and assess your own curriculum content within the boundaries and requirements of the course by vigorously pursuing research and activities in 3 quality portfolio notebooks. The portfolios include connections to 4 areas:

1. Studio Topic
2. Critical Studies Topic (if art is topic, refer to art since 1960)
3. Non-Western or Non-Traditional Topic
4. Art Education visions / plans.

> The portfolios together fulfill Subject Matter Requirements: b, c, d, e, g, h, i, j.

Your studio projects will have thematic connections to a critical studies topic (art history, literature, math or science) and an exploration of a non-western or non-traditional topic. These areas of discipline will converge, overlap and integrate into your studio practice. These portfolios will inform and inspire curriculum content in the classroom.

Course Requirements:
-ICA Museum Project
-Project based on a book/written text of your choice
-Final studio projects based on a specific topic
-1 Artists Statements accompanying last project (1 Page)
-Portfolio blog will consist of:
- Journal/Notes/Portfolio-May include documentation of research bibliography, notes, sketches, critique notes etc.
-2 Gallery visits & 1 Artist Talk

Class attendance is a crucial part of your grade. A sign in sheet will keep track of your attendance during the semester. If you are late note the time you arrived. Consistent late arrivals will reflect poorly in your grade. Two absences mean you have attended 85% of the class. Three absences are grounds for failure. Please notify me by phone or e-mail if you have a medical emergency, illness or any other reason you cannot attend class.

75%-Studio Projects
15%-Class Participation
10%-Portfolio Blog

Grading System
The Art Education department uses a standard letter grading system of Honors, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C or Fail (F). Students completing 80% of their course work in a given course may request an incomplete. Unless the professor grants an extension in writing, students must resolve all incompletes by the middle of the following semester, or the grade converts to a failing one.

Mid-Semester Warning
A mid-semester warning alerts the student and his/her advisor that the student appears to be having difficulty with the course and may not pass.


-1 Composition notebook for writing
(2 pages every day-brain storm, 14 pages a week)
-Individual determines, project by project

**Above information is subject to change.**