Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Discover ICA

AE 406-02, SF 184-15
Art Education Portfolio


The objective of this exercise is to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art and respond to the work. The exhibits/artists in the museum will be the basis of your studio/portfolio response. The methods used will be through research, photographs and drawings.


What attracts you visually? What conceptual themes or ideas do you want to research? What do you like/dislike about the artist or exhibit? What is alien/familiar? What objects/images haunt you?

Write down label information about the artist and the work.



a. Draw - 20 drawings
b. Photograph –20 +photos
Print out (black and white-ok)- 5 photographs

-Research idea, concept, image etc.
-Provide research from on-line sources AND at least 1 1magazine or periodical and one book.
-Write down source information.

c. Post 1-2 paragraph written response on your blog.

Portfolio Proposal

Due Next Week: TH Jan. 25

Proposal for Studio Response Presented-Bring drawings and photos.

Materials needed:

Digital Camera
Composition notebook
Pencils, charcoal or other materials

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