Saturday, February 24, 2007


“Curiosity is what makes me question, know, act, ask again, recognize.”
-Paulo Freire

Objective: The Purpose of this project is to choose an issue that touches on either one or more topics: Global, Political, Social, and Cultural. Respond to this topic in your own personal creative approach.

Method for Investigation:

1.Questions: 10 Questions about the topic
2.Research: Where did you find some answers?
(List Sources books, periodicals, internet sources)
3.Problem Solving: How do I Respond to my Topic?
Materials, Methods, Approaches

Each week you should “MAKE” something related to your topic. Draw, Photograph, Watch, Write, use Materials you are unfamiliar with, Question. Draw, Photograph, Watch. Write, use materials you are unfamiliar with, watch write, draw, photograph, use materials you know differently, write and draw, play with the topic, question the outcome, open your thinking, why are you questioning……write, draw, photograph, use materials, observe watch, question……

Weekly Requirements:
Writing: Notebook 2 pages a day

Post response to work, research, questions, progress 1x week (minimum)
Post images relating to progress (photos, drawings, research) 1x week (mimimum)


March 1 Open Seminar to Introduce Topic/Open Studio/MAKE
March 8 Spring Break RESEARCH/MAKE
March 15 Open Studio/Field Trip RESEARCH/MAKE
March 22 Process Critique RESEARCH/MAKE
March 29 Final Critique

**Email me if you have questions about your specific projects related to this next phase.**

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