Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Portfolio I AE 406-02, SF 184-15 Lyssa Palu-ay
Massachusetts College of Art
3 Credits-Spring 2007 617.879.7782 Office hours: Wed. 11-12:30
Office: South 3rd floor Studio Foundation

Course Description:
The series of Portfolio courses requires students to place their college–wide learning in studio and critical studies in the context of art education. Three major projects required in this class will steadily build towards fulfilling the Artist/Teacher Portfolio requirements established by the Art Education Department.
> Fulfills Professional Standards: (b)1c & d (b) 2b; (e)* 2, 3, 4, 6.

To choose, construct and assess your own curriculum content within the boundaries and requirements of the course by vigorously pursuing research and activities in 3 quality portfolio notebooks. The portfolios include connections to 4 areas:

1. Studio Topic
2. Critical Studies Topic (if art is topic, refer to art since 1960)
3. Non-Western or Non-Traditional Topic
4. Art Education visions / plans.

> The portfolios together fulfill Subject Matter Requirements: b, c, d, e, g, h, i, j.

Your studio projects will have thematic connections to a critical studies topic (art history, literature, math or science) and an exploration of a non-western or non-traditional topic. These areas of discipline will converge, overlap and integrate into your studio practice. These portfolios will inform and inspire curriculum content in the classroom.

Course Requirements:
-ICA Museum Project
-Project based on a book/written text of your choice
-Final studio projects based on a specific topic
-1 Artists Statements accompanying last project (1 Page)
-Portfolio blog will consist of:
- Journal/Notes/Portfolio-May include documentation of research bibliography, notes, sketches, critique notes etc.
-2 Gallery visits & 1 Artist Talk

Class attendance is a crucial part of your grade. A sign in sheet will keep track of your attendance during the semester. If you are late note the time you arrived. Consistent late arrivals will reflect poorly in your grade. Two absences mean you have attended 85% of the class. Three absences are grounds for failure. Please notify me by phone or e-mail if you have a medical emergency, illness or any other reason you cannot attend class.

75%-Studio Projects
15%-Class Participation
10%-Portfolio Blog

Grading System
The Art Education department uses a standard letter grading system of Honors, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C or Fail (F). Students completing 80% of their course work in a given course may request an incomplete. Unless the professor grants an extension in writing, students must resolve all incompletes by the middle of the following semester, or the grade converts to a failing one.

Mid-Semester Warning
A mid-semester warning alerts the student and his/her advisor that the student appears to be having difficulty with the course and may not pass.


-1 Composition notebook for writing
(2 pages every day-brain storm, 14 pages a week)
-Individual determines, project by project

**Above information is subject to change.**

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